Karan Johar lashed out at Ankita Lokhande and Manara Chopra


This time in bigg boss 17, karan johar will come to host the show in place of salman khan in Weekend Ka

Vaar. Along with this, a new promo of the show has also come out, in which it is shown that karan is giving a

tough class to the family members.

karan johar lashed out at Ankita Lokhande

There is a conflict between Munavvar and Ankita over friendship, due to which Munavvar feels ignored. Ankita

opens up about her issues with Manara and Munawwar defends himself by discussing her tone.

Pavitra Rishta actress lost her temper

karan johar asked Ankita Lokhande, Did you step back because Munavvar's attention is still towards Sara

Mannara? Ankita replied, As a person, I am a very emotional person. karan further said, I am like this, I am

emotional, we only hear all this, these qualities are never seen in your actions. Ankita lost her temper and said,

Sir, the second reason for me to stay away from Munavvar is that I am possessive. karan told him, Then say

this with confidence.

Earlier in the episode, it was seen that Ankita had told Munavvar that she wants to take a step back from the

friendship, she will continue the conversation but will not actually make herself available for the friendship.

Right after this there was a fight between Munavvar and Ankita. After this, karan also took Manara Chopra's

class. karan said that your only job is to ask for validation of your friendship. karan also scolded Manara for

not taking a stand for Munawar Faruqui after he was nominated by Anurag. Further, karan said, Is this

friendship, according to me this is hypocrisy.     

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