Is he going as a joker..., seeing Vicky Kaushal’s dressing sense

Vicky Kaushal’s much awaited film sam Bahadur is going to be released in theaters tomorrow on 1st

December. These days he is busy promoting the film in full swing. Amidst all this, vicky kaushal has made

many interesting revelations related to his religious wife. Now the actor has once again told a shocking thing

about his wife.

Seeing Vicky Kaushal’s dressing sense, katrina kaif scolded her husband

During a conversation with Ranveer Allahabadia, Vicky told that katrina kaif talks bad about his fashion.

Vicky says that it is katrina who decides what I should wear and if it does not happen, then she tells me

whether he is going to become a joker.

The actor told the whole story

Vicky shared another interesting story related to this. He tells that once katrina did not even let him go out of

the house because according to him, I was not wearing proper clothes. He pulled my hand and told me that I

cannot go out like this. When I asked him what was wrong with it, he said everything. So I again said, okay

brother, let's change clothes. However, vicky kaushal has already revealed that katrina is very upset with his

fashion sense.

Advance booking of the film

Talking about his film sam Bahadur, sam Bahadur is going to data-face Ranbir Kapoor's Animal at the box office

this Friday. Whereas sam Bahadur is also maintaining its dominance in front of Ranbir Kapoor's Animal.

According to the report of SACNILC, so far 57 thousand 88 tickets have been sold for 3356 shows for the first

day of sam Bahadur.

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