Tamil young hero Jai's childish photo with Abbas..?!

Have you seen the photo below.. who is in it, you will immediately say Abbas. But do you know that abbas is also sitting on a hero..? This is a childhood photo of a young hero. Do you know who that young star tamil hero is? Some things are confusing. Some photos go viral without even knowing why. Such a photo is currently going viral in the tamil industry. There are two heroes in the photos we see right now. abbas is known to everyone.. but everyone is wondering who is the hero standing next to him. This photo is currently going viral on social media. Not only that.. Who is this hero? But this young star hero is the nephew of Vijay who is one of the heroes currently ruling the tamil industry. He is currently doing a series of films in tamil Nadu. With these clues many people can know who this hero is.

Jai is not Aahiro. jai made a name for himself in tamil as well as telugu with films like journey and raja Rani. There was some controversy in tamil Nadu.. jai has a good fan following. This is Jai's childhood photo. But the hero abbas is also seen in this.. with his hand on Jai.. it seems that there is a good relationship between them. However, it is not known when this photo was taken. But it looks like I took this photo in some movie scene in the background.

And when it comes to abbas Vishiya.. As the prince of girls' dreams.. abbas has become famous in the tamil industry like a prince. Abbas, who once did a series of films, then went to new zealand with Chances. He lived there doing small jobs..also as a mechanic. After that, abbas disappeared without being seen by anyone for some time. It seems that he has been shifted to chennai recently. prema Desam movie starring abbas made the youth excited.

Abbas made his debut at the Pan india level with the movie Premadesam. abbas got a huge fan following with this movie. In those days it was very difficult to become a star with just one movie, but abbas got a huge craze, but even though he was the best in his first movie, he could not get the success he wanted later. abbas acted as the villain in the film as character artists.

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