Allu Arjun and Trivikram to Team Up for a Pan India Film.?

Sindujaa D N
After Rajamouli, trivikram srinivas is one of the directors who has gained a strong hold at the box office in the tollywood industry. But directors who are lower in range than him are currently making films in pan india range. But trivikram, who has acquired a Rajkumar Hirani-like brand image for the tollywood industry, is yet to leave the tollywood doors. However, allu arjun was determined to keep this director in the Pan india range.

As he took sukumar to another range with the movie pushpa, now bunny is preparing the paths to lead trivikram on the same path. As pushpa became a grand success, allu arjun was determined that the films after pushpa 2 should also be in the same range. At is remarkable that bunny is experimenting with different directors, not just a director like Rajamouli. And sukumar is thinking that after pushpa 2, allu arjun should start trivikram movie. 

Clarity was also given on this combination. There are already some gossips about how the script is going to be. A talk was heard that this movie is going to be in historical background. Now another new talk has become viral. It seems that the upcoming film in their combination is going to be in the background of the independence movement. It is reported that some topics are going to be highlighted in it before independence. There is a possibility of making a film with a budget of 300 crores.

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