The actress has also shared her video !!!


Khatron Ke khiladi 13: aishwarya Sharma fulfilled the wish of her in-laws in Khatron Ke khiladi 13, the actress shared the video.

 In the recent promo, Khatron Ke khiladi 13 finalist aishwarya Sharma is seen fulfilling a wish of her in-laws. The actress has also shared her video.

Aishwarya Sharma

Khatron Ke khiladi 13 is nearing the finale. The show has got its first finalist of the season. Actress aishwarya Sharma won the ticket to the finale and secured a place for herself in the finale. Host rohit shetty and the team of Khatron Ke khiladi 13 recently shot the finale episode, in which everyone was seen in stylish style.

Aishwarya Sharma fulfills the wish of her in-laws in Khatron Ke khiladi 13

From Ruhi Chaturvedi to anjali Anand, Shiv thackeray and Sheezan Khan were part of the finale shoot. Before the finale, contestants received messages from their family members. aishwarya also got a challenge from her mother and father-in-law, whom she calls peas and cheese.

Aishwarya's in-laws gave this challenge

Aishwarya Sharma revealed on the show the strange names she has given to her mother and father-in-law, which left everyone including host rohit shetty shocked. She revealed that she calls him Matar-Paneer. Well, in the upcoming episode of the show, aishwarya gets a fun challenge from Matar-Paneer. Aishwarya's mother-in-law requests her to sing a song while holding a crocodile.

Aishwarya did a stunt with a crocodile

The actress is very afraid of crocodiles and cannot perform stunts revolving around them. Being a loving daughter-in-law, aishwarya tried to fulfill the wishes of her in-laws. He caught a big crocodile and sang a song. However, she was very scared while doing this, due to which there was an atmosphere of laughter on the sets of the show.

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