This Friday will be a Feast for Moviegoers

S Venkateshwari
No matter the time of year, every friday often sees a number of releases in Tollywood. But because there weren't any noteworthy releases on a few Fridays during September, it was a dud for the trade circles. This disaster's primary cause is the sudden postponement of Prabhas' eagerly awaited movie Salaar. Low-budget and dubbing films that came out in the previous two weeks failed to take advantage of the opportunity. skanda and Peda Kapu-1 are trying their luck this week.
On october 6th, a swarm of medium-budget pictures are getting ready to engage in a box office brawl. A number of films, including Mama Mascheendra, Rules Ranjan, Mad, Month of Madhu, 800, and others, will provide spectators with a feast on friday while high-profile films like Bhagavanth kesari and TNR are released during the dussehra holiday.
Mama Mascheendra's interesting trailer caught viewers' attention. Everyone was thrilled with Sudheer Babu's triple treat in the teaser, which helped to create some buzz for the movie. The humour and carefree relationship between kiran Abbavaram and neha shetty generated positive buzz for Rules Ranjan. Next Friday's race also includes the youthful comedic escapade "MAD," which hails from the stables of renowned producer Naga Vamshi.
Other language films, such as 800, a biography on cricketer Muttaiah Muralidharan, and God, starring Nayanatara and jayam Ravi, are also competing with straight telugu films. The release of bollywood blockbusters like Dono, Mission Raniganj, and Thank You for Coming is also accompanied with respectable buzz.
There will be fierce competition for screens in several regions with more than 10 films in various languages fighting for the top spot at the box office. It will be challenging for moviegoers to select one from all of these new movies, so it will be interesting to watch which ones manage to leave an impression.

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