Will ‘Hanuman’ Go For A Compromise?

S Venkateshwari
Salaar's move from september to december this year would result in a significant reorganization of the film release schedule in Tollywood. The creators are still keeping some of their release plans under wraps, though. We must wait and watch how teja Sajja will fare in the race against Mahesh Babu, ravi Teja, and Vijay devarakonda with his all-Indian flick Hanuman.
Hanuman's creators do not wish to abandon the race, despite claims that a compromise proposition has been offered to the film team. prashant Varma, the director, has trust in the movie's visual effects and is confident in its success. Notably, while teja Sajja is still a rising star in the acting world, this movie is being promoted for its story rather than only for the star power of its leading man. Practically speaking, the Hanuman filmmakers may have faith in the movie's result, but access to theatres at the time of release may be difficult.
The producers are adamant that they won't miss the planned release date even if the trade has expressed concerns regarding the release of guntur Karam. On the other hand, post-production on Eagle has already begun, while Family Star, starring Vijay Deverakonda, is anticipated to be finished and prepared for the first copy by the end of December. It's very obvious that nobody is thinking about a compromise right now.
Hanuman is a movie that needs a lot of pan-Indian promotion, especially considering its enormous budget. The rushes' amazing aesthetics have garnered positive initial reviews from those who have seen them. Therefore, choosing a solo release could be the wisest course of action. Additionally, competing with guntur Karam on the same release day has serious risks. Hanuman could have trouble surviving at the box office even if guntur Kaaram obtains an average reaction.

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