Muttiah Muralidharan On Biopic, Vijay Sethupati, LTTE & Controversies

S Venkateshwari
The renowned off-spinner from Sri Lanka, Muttiah Muralidharan, talks to lokesh Bandi of about his upcoming biopic, 800, which will be released on october 6th. Coming up, the iconic cricketer discusses his famed 800 test wickets as well as several other scandals in a fantastic interview.
In fact, tamil actor vijay sethupathi was slated to appear in this movie, and a motion poster for it was also launched during the IPL. However, major disputes about Muralidharan's pro-Sinhalese stance while having tamil ancestry came out in Tamilnadu. That ultimately caused Sethupathi to leave the project, as Muralidharan discusses in detail.
The Sri Lankan cricket Board is furious with Muralidharan right now since he coached the Australian cricket team, so we inquired if they had given the go-ahead for him to film the movie there. When Muralidharan's bowling motion was examined in 1995, it was in Australia, where they suspected tossing. There are questions about why the cricketer met with the LTTE commanders back then, which adds to the scandal. How and why did he first encounter them? 800, is hitting cinemas on october 6th and our interview also features the lead actor of the movie Madhur Mittal who stepped in the shoes of silver screen Muralidharan.

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