"I Was Invited Two Times to have S*X for that Chance.." - Ram Charan Heroine Opens Up

Bollywood has always been plagued by claims of casting couches. Several celebrities and actresses have denounced these actions. Esha Gupta, renowned for her parts in jannat 2 and Rustom and Prakash Jha's online series Aashram 3, has now spoken out about her harrowing experiences on the casting couch. Esha admitted to having experienced the casting couch twice to Spotboye. Esha acted along with ram charan in 'Vinaya Vidhaya Rama'.
When asked about the first event, Esha recalled that a producer had asked for her sexual favors, but she had declined. Esha stated that the co-producer had informed the filmmakers that he did not want to see her in the movie without disclosing the identity of the co-producer or the movie. Esha said following the event that some filmmakers even refused to utilize her in their projects. She was aware of the remarks made by these individuals about her, such as, "If I won't do anything, what is the point of putting me in the movie?"

Speaking of a different event, Esha disclosed that two persons set up the casting couch trap for her. She was intelligent though. She knew what they were attempting to do. She nonetheless completed the picture because it was a modest action on their part. "He believed that while we were doing the outside shot, I would be caught in his trap. I was also wise enough to promise that I wouldn't sleep alone. She added, "I summoned my makeup artist to sleep in my room. Esha also voiced her outrage over the episodes, claiming that these criminals should not have been able to harm the famous children since their parents would have killed them. They believe that we can do anything if we just need work, she remarked.

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