Chandramkhi 2 OTT Release - Stream On Netflix!!!

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Chandramkhi 2 OTT Release - Stream On Netflix!!!

The long-awaited sequel to chandramukhi (2005), chandramukhi 2, starring kangana ranaut and Raghava lawrence, finally debuted on september 28. The film was made available in tamil and Telugu. The sequel was directed by P Vasu, who also worked with Rajinikanth on the original chandramukhi in Tamil. When it was first released in theatres, the film received favourable reviews, with the lead actors receiving special mentions.

The revenge story of chandramukhi (Kangana Ranaut), who awakens in the infamous Rajamahal to exact revenge on the death of her lover, is told in chandramukhi 2. She is adamant about assassinating the brutal Vettaiyar Raja (Raghava Lawrence). A family serves as the backdrop for the epic story. chandramukhi 2's streaming rights have been acquired by global streaming powerhouse Netflix India. chandramukhi 2's successful run in theatres will precede the announcement of the movie's official release date and time. 

Typically, a movie releases on OTT five weeks after its theatrical debut. However, these conditions are subject to change based on how well the movie does. lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">raghava lawrence plays the dual roles of raja and Vettaiyan in the follow-up. chandramukhi will be played by kangana Ranaut. The actor who played Murugesan was Vadivelu.

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