Katrina Kaif completes 20 years in Bollywood - She is fighter

Katrina Kaif is one of the top actresses of Bollywood. katrina has made her mark in the hindi film industry on

the basis of her hard work and strong acting. Kaif started his career in 2003 with Boom. A few years later, in

2005, David Dhawan’s romantic comedy Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya? Since then he tasted success. After this, his

career graph went up and he gave many hit films. katrina kaif has been working in bollywood for 20 years now.

Recently, after katrina completed two decades in the industry, her husband Vicky Kaushal expressed his


What did Vicky say on katrina kaif completing 20 years in the industry?

Vicky Kaushal recently talked about his family life in an interview with The indian Express and told how it all

changed after marrying katrina Kaif. When asked about Kat completing 20 years in bollywood, the Masaan actor

said that she is his inspiration. Vicky said, “I think it is very inspiring. Getting to know him even more now is

truly inspiring. Now I know him as a person and he is a real fighter, especially when things are not working in his

favour. She is going to move forward. I learn a lot from him.”

Vicky Kaushal called katrina a star

Calling Kat a star, the actor further said, “My mentality is very different. I am more of a chill type. I say, Relax, it

will be done, but he is like a fighter. She goes for it. She attacks him. I have realized the kind of person she is and

what she has achieved for herself in the last 20 years is incredible. Where she came from and then to live here and

adapt herself is incredible. He is definitely a star.”

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