Even Silk Smitha's body was not left..!? Real Cruelty..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Even Silk Smitha's body was not left..!?  Real Cruelty..?
The producers were waiting for Silk Smitha's call sheet in all the tamil films made during that period. Silk Smitha.. an unforgettable actress for tamil cinema fans.. Although she has only acted on screen for a few years, she has been celebrated for more than 25 years. Born in Andhra Pradesh, Silk Smitha's real name is Vijayalakshmi. After getting married at a young age, she came to chennai with the dream of becoming an actress. But as there was no opportunity in cinema, director Vinu Chakraborty saw silk smitha doing housework in a house and cast her as a liquor dealer in his film Vandichakaram. Her character name in that film is Silk. She later changed her name to Smita and added her first character name Silk. After the first film, film opportunities started pouring in for Silk Smitha. She went to the peak of fame with her dusky complexion, piercing eyes, and charming speech. The producers were waiting for Silk Smitha's call sheet in all the tamil films of that time saying that if there was a song by silk smitha then the film would be a hit.
Thus silk smitha acted in more than 400 films in a short period.But Silk's personal life remains shrouded in mystery. Yes... silk smitha who was at the peak of fame committed suicide. However, her relatives alleged that Silk was not a suicidal person and could have killed her. Even after 27 years of Silk Smitha's disappearance, she still holds a place in the hearts of millions of fans. In this situation, famous choreographer Puliyur Saroja, who is considered to be one of Silk Smita's closest friends, is going viral again. In an interview on a popular YouTube channel, Puliyur Saroja said that once Silk came to her and said she was going to get married and that she should lead the wedding. Silk was pronounced dead within a week. She continued to say that as soon as she heard the news of Silk Smitha's suicide, she became like a corpse. They immediately went to see her body. They could not see her. It was so difficult.
She said with tears in his eyes. There is not even a 5 person in that place. She saw Silk's body in a bad condition without clothes. Something was done to her even after her death. silk smitha definitely would not have committed suicide. She could not sleep for 10 days after her death. Whoever did this to her, they will not be fine. At the time of Silk Smitha's death, there were various reports about her death. Main political points. It was also said that many top screen stars put pressure on er. It was also reported that while Silk's dead body was in Rayapetta hospital, the mortuary staff sexually assaulted her body. During that period, information spread that this cruelty had been going on for a long time. Now Puliyur Saroja has confirmed the same. Silk's close friend Anuradha also shared the same information. But the truth of what happened in Silk's life disappeared with her.

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