Fatman's wife Mahalakshmi changed her phone number..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Fatman's wife Mahalakshmi changed her phone number..!?
Mahalakshmi, who married producer Ravinder, is now suffering from extreme depression because beauty is not important for love. A few weeks ago, the police arrested her husband, who was involved in a money laundering case, which created a lot of excitement. A lot of things are now coming out after he stole 16 crores from balaji saying that he can generate electricity from solid waste.
In other words, Ravinder has been wandering around for a year making the concerned people believe that there is such a project. After that, he cheated that he would give money and in the end, he was shocked that he would not be able to finish. This arrest has taken place only after that. However, Ravinder appealed the case. That too ended in failure. After that, he tried to get bail. But that too was not available.
Apart from that, he has already cheated many celebrities by saying such words of desire. Some of them are still wandering after giving money. The related cases are now back against him. Mahalakshmi is troubled thinking of her husband, who has bought such a large amount of money and put his name on it. Because Ravinder has hidden any such things before the marriage without saying it openly. In that way, it is a disaster for Mahalakshmi, who is already divorced and married for the second time. That's why she has even changed her phone number. So she trusted her husband like a mountain and now she is suffering without peace.

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