Hero Didn’t Like First Look Poster Of His Film

The other day, on the eve of Ganesh Chaturdhi, a foreign-shot movie's "first look" was supposed to be unveiled. The movie's title was widely rumoured, but the publication of the poster was then postponed. There is an insider report that answers the question of why the producers chose a day other than the festival to reveal the "first look."
Even though all of the film's filming has already been completed, the movie's hero reportedly is not pleased with the movie's outcome. He is reportedly proposing several alterations and reshoots for the film. He's not in the mood right now to even accept the "first look" poster that was created by the project's young director, whose prior efforts have all been failures. Although the film's producers and other creative team members are pleased with the first impression, the hero is alleged to have suggested several adjustments, which caused discord within the team. In any case, the first look release was cancelled as a result.
The hero, on the other hand, is concerned that while most of his colleagues have improved and advanced in their jobs, he has yet to receive such a break. The hero is undoubtedly correct in his own way, but it may not be in his best interest to criticise every data-facet of creativity.

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