Imli fame actress Rajshri Rani had to watch a movie during pregnancy...


Imli fame actress Rajshree rani is in a happy space these days. She is enjoying the pregnancy phase. Rajshree’s

second trimester of pregnancy is going on. The actress has shared good news with fans.

Rajshree rani became emotional

Talking to Times of India, she said, When I came to know about my pregnancy, there were mixed emotions.

Happiness, new journey and feeling of new responsibility. Gaurav and I are very happy because we were trying

for a baby for a year. When I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time, I became emotional at that moment.

There were tears in my eyes. This cannot be expressed in words. She further said, I am feeling both physical

and emotional changes. I have always been a curmudgeon. My cravings have increased during pregnancy.

Gaurav is spoiling me by fulfilling my every wish.

Rajshree rani had made this mistake

She further said, The first trimester of my pregnancy was quite challenging. When you plan pregnancy in your

30s, you need to be more careful. There were a lot of problems in the first two months of my pregnancy. My

doctor advised me to take rest and advised me not to travel. However, I took it lightly and made the mistake of

watching the movie. Due to which I suffered heavy bleeding. This phase was very scary. But now I am fine.

Talking about work front, Gaurav and Rajshri rani were seen together in the show suhani Si Ek Ladki. This

show gave a lot of fame to both of them. During this time, they fell in love with each other and got married in


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