Money Fraud Complaint Against AR Rahman..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Money Fraud Complaint Against AR Rahman..!?
AR rahman said that he had cheated by getting Rs.29.50 lakhs to organize the event. A doctor has filed a complaint against rahman with the chennai police Commission which has come as a shock. AR rahman concert was held recently in Chennai. The police conducted an investigation due to the disturbance in Rahman's Marakuma Nenjam program. Complaints were made that those who bought tickets at high prices were not allowed to watch the show. As there was a heavy traffic jam at the venue of the event, the police registered a case and investigated the organizers of the event. AR rahman who took responsibility for this controversy. rahman was returning the ticket money. Another complaint has been filed against Rahman.
Complaint against AR Rahman:

A complaint filed by Dr. Vinayak Senthil, secretary of its national conference on behalf of the Association of Surgeons, which is operating in Arumbakkam, chennai, is going viral. It was planned to hold a conference for surgeons on december 26 and 30, 2018, in which A.R. rahman arranged the concert and gave him an advance of Rs. 29.50 lakhs is also said to have been paid.
However, the concert was canceled due to non-approval of the tamil Nadu government and AR Rahman. It is also reported that rahman has agreed to return the advance. The doctor mentioned that AR rahman also issued a pre-dated cheque, and said that when the check was deposited in the bank, it was found that the money was non-existent. It is alleged that rahman and his aide did not respond when approached by Senthil Velavan. It is said that the money was not returned. The complaint has sought action against rahman and his aide.
 Police are investigating the complaint. After the music show went wrong, the doctors filed a complaint against AR Rahman. It has caused more trouble for Rahman. Rahman's involvement in a money laundering case has shocked his fans.

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