Vijay prepares to retaliate..!? Leo Trailer is coming..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Vijay prepares to retaliate..!? Leo Trailer is coming..!?
Since this morning, the issue of the Leo audio launch has been buzzing incessantly on social media. Vijay's fans, who were waiting for this with great anticipation, are now frozen in unspeakable grief. No one is ready to believe that even though the production side claims that there is no political reason behind this.
Much news about this has already been spoken by the king. But because the problem continued till the end, Vijay has taken such a serious decision. Because fans will be completely addicted to his short story. The entire film industry waits for this with every film music release. Especially this time, many people expected that Rajini would get a response to the story of the eagle. If that doesn't happen, both Vijay and lokesh are ready for the next episode to cheer up the fans who are tired. Accordingly, the information about the Leo trailer is now going viral on social media. The team is planning to release the trailer next week and is preparing to release updates to an extent that no one expected in the coming days. In a few days, the official date will be released. And this would be the perfect response to the whole controversy. There is no doubt that every scene of the trailer will be so crazy. So the alliance of Vijay and lokesh is threatening to watch if there is no audio launch.

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