SRK's flawless one-take monologue in 'Jawan' left fans and director Atlee impressed

Sekar Chandra

In the world of cinema, certain moments stand out not only for their content but also for the incredible talent behind them. The remarkable one-take monologue delivered by Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming film 'Jawan,' directed by atlee, is one such moment that has left both fans and the director in awe.
In an interview with the indian Express, screenwriter sumit Arora recently shared insights into how this impactful monologue came into existence. explained that the idea came from the concept of finger gestures symbolizing both questions and voting. Once he had conceptualized the 'ungli' (finger) theme, he realized it was the perfect vehicle to express Azad's actions and intentions. He noted that expressing Azad's journey and his message to the people was essential, but the challenge was to determine how he would convey it emotionally without it becoming monotonous.
What truly made a lasting impression on both screenwriter sumit Arora and director atlee was Shah Rukh Khan's exceptional delivery. Arora revealed that Khan flawlessly delivered the lines in a single take, and there was no need for another attempt. Although Khan inquired about the possibility of a retake, atlee was so impressed with the initial delivery that he assured Khan they had captured the essence of the scene beautifully.

Meanwhile, 'Jawan,' helmed by director atlee, features an outstanding ensemble cast, including vijay sethupathi and Nayanthara. The film also boasts performances from Ridhi Dogra, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, sunil Grover, and more. Additionally, the film includes special appearances by deepika padukone and Sanjay Dutt, adding to the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated project.

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