Buzz: Hero Suggests More Edits?

He just so happens to have this "superstar" status among the tollywood heroes that fall into the Tier 2 category. He recently completed a significant mass-market film that has also shocked the box office. However, the actor chose a family drama right away rather than opening up that general pandora's box. But now for the surprise.
It seems that the film's director originally won over the hero with his story, but it subsequently turned out that the movie was a free reproduction of a hugely successful Korean picture, which itself was a remake of a Japanese film that was based on a novel. Even if those flicks are thrillingly produced, the hero is claimed to have been quite dissatisfied after seeing the work that has been produced thus far.

Although filming for this movie is now underway in a neighbouring state, the hero is reported to have ordered the director to concentrate on editing the entire movie quickly so that they could do some retakes. The protagonist believes that some of the humorous passages and the sentimental mood are not working. The movie hasn't set a release date yet. Stay tuned.

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