Malayalam film 'Kasargold' earns 2.10 crores in its first week


The malayalam film industry is celebrating the success of 'Kasargold,' which has struck gold at the box office by amassing an impressive 2.10 crores in its first week. Directed by Mridul Nair, the 2023 indian Malayalam-language action drama thriller features a talented cast led by Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, and Vinayakan.
'Kasargold,' which hit theaters on september 15, 2023, has made a mark with its compelling narrative and stellar performances. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film's gripping storyline has captivated audiences. The success of 'Kasargold' can be attributed to several factors, including the impressive performances of the lead actors and the adept direction of Mridul Nair. Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, and vinayakan have delivered memorable performances that have resonated with viewers.

Cinematographer Jebin Jacob has beautifully captured the essence of the film, while editor Manoj Kannoth has contributed to the film's pacing and storytelling. The film's technical prowess has undoubtedly played a role in its box office triumph. Although the movie is termed a ‘One time watchable flick’, it’s not enough for the Asif ali starrer to mark his comeback after the super hit film ‘Kooman: The Night Rider’ directed by Jeethu Joseph. On the other hand, the onam winner ‘RDX’ is still continuing its successful run at the cinemas, raking in huge numbers at the box office.

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