Malayalam film 'Garudan' released a captivating new poster


Excitement is brewing among fans as the makers of the upcoming malayalam film 'Garudan' share a captivating new poster. Directed by Arun Varma, this highly anticipated thriller promises to deliver a gripping narrative centered around a legal battle between a determined cop and a dedicated teacher. The film's intriguing premise and the chemistry between its two lead actors, suresh Gopi and biju menon, have already piqued the interest of movie enthusiasts.

The newly released poster of 'Garudan' features the dynamic duo of suresh Gopi and biju menon, exuding an intense and mysterious vibe. With both actors known for their exceptional acting prowess, fans are eager to witness their on-screen synergy in this legal drama.
In 'Garudan,' suresh Gopi takes on the role of a lawyer, while biju menon portrays the character of a dedicated teacher. The film's ensemble cast includes Abhirami, Vijay Jagadish, Dileesh Pothan, Major Ravi, Nishat Sugar, Ranjini, and Malavika, adding depth to the narrative.

Notably, this isn't the first time suresh Gopi and biju menon have shared the screen. The talented duo has previously collaborated on several successful projects, including 'Kaliyattam,' 'FIR,' 'Pathram,' 'Randaam Bhavam,' 'Kichamani MBA,' and 'Christian Brothers.' Their on-screen chemistry has always been a highlight, and fans are excited to see them reunite once again in 'Garudan.'

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