Has Trivikram Srinivas planned for an Item song in his upcoming movie 'Guntur Kaaram?

Trivikram Srinivas, a renowned writer-director in tollywood, is celebrated for his entertaining movies that often incorporate strong family sentiments. His films consistently target family audiences and convey valuable life lessons alongside action sequences and humorous moments. It's worth noting that he has never included an item song in his movies. While the song ‘It's Time To Party’ from ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ might be considered a special number, it is presented in a tasteful and conventional manner, distinct from traditional item songs.
Reports are circulating that trivikram srinivas, known for avoiding item songs in his films, is considering the inclusion of a special item song in his upcoming movie ‘Guntur Kaaram.’ While there's no official confirmation yet, there is considerable speculation within the tollywood industry. This marks a departure from his usual style, as he's venturing into making a full-fledged mass commercial film. Rumors suggest that a popular leading actress will join mahesh babu for this special song, and sekhar Master, acclaimed for his work in Mahesh's ‘Mind Block’ and ‘Ma Ma Mahesa’ songs, will choreograph it.
Fans are eagerly anticipating official confirmation of this rumor, and excitement is running high. trivikram srinivas is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that everything, from action sequences to heroic moments, songs, and background music, is perfect for this film.

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