Samantha is struggling to show her face..!? Reason..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Samantha is struggling to show her data-face..!? Reason..?
Samantha is data-faced with the problem of not being able to come out. Samantha, who bravely data-faced many problems, is now suffering so much that she cannot show her data-face. I mean everyone knows that she has been suffering from myositis for the past several months. That's why she withdrew from many films she had committed to.
However, the recent release of Khushi was a good comeback for her. In this case, she had openly said something shocking when she had a live chat with her fans a few days ago. That means she is taking too much steroid because of her physical problem. As a result, her skin has suffered a lot. When she told about this, she could not even show her data-face. She said painfully that even now she is talking to all using a filter. That is how serious this disease is. This is what has disturbed the entire film industry now.
Samantha is already struggling to see much light due to this problem. Vijay devarakonda had expressed this passionately on the stage. Although this is painful on one side, fans are saying comforting words that she will overcome all that and become a lioness.

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