Salman Khan called himself a below average actor

Salman Khan is touted by many as one of the biggest names in bollywood today. From his debut in the 1998 film Biwi Ho To Aisi, Salman’s career is illustrated by many superhit films over his three decades as an actor in the indian film industry. However, in an earlier appearance on karan Johar’s chat show Koffee With karan, salman said he believed that he was a below-average actor, especially when compared to his contemporaries.

Salman said, “There’s Shah Rukh, Akshay, Hrithik. These guys are really hardworking. Everybody. See, we used to take it very easy earlier. In fact, I perhaps till today would be the least hardworking among all of them and the least serious among all of them." karan asked salman, “You don’t think you worked that hard to achieve the kind of numbers that you have?" salman said, “No, from the kind of… I’ve just been lucky. I’ve been kind of gifted with…"

Karan then asked salman, “Do you think you’re an average actor?" salman replied, “I think I’m a below-average actor. When asked who salman thought was a good actor, he said, “I think that the romantic scene that Shah Rukh does and his intensity, I don’t think anybody can touch him in that. Then Aamir. His sincerity is amazing. His ability to give 100% in every shot."

“Akki (Akshay Kumar), he’s the only one actor from the time we’ve come in… We’re all stagnant. We get about 10% of our achievement. You take all our films, we’re exactly the same as earlier. akshay kumar is the only actor who has grown. His comic timing is on a different level right now," salman added. Talking about the younger generation of actors, salman said, “Ranbir is damn good. I think arjun is damn good. Ranveer is damn good. I think Imran is damn good. I think all these guys are superb. I think all of them have done good work."

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