Did Renu Desai marry him ?

It is known that Pawan Kalyan married Nandini, Renu desai, Anna Lezhneva. Nandini doent belong to Telugu film industry, so leading a happy life after amrrying another person. Anna Lezhneva marrie pawan kalyan and behaving like a good wife to Pawan Kalyan and mother of three children.

Coming to Reni Desai, her life is very different. She loved and lived in relationship with Pawan Kalyan many years without marriage. Bearing 2 children, she divorced this mega star due to internal issues between them. Fans respected her only as Pawan Kalyan's wife. When it came to her marriage, fans reacted wildly. They threated of killing her,. She openly commented that why no one asked about Pawan Kalyan's second marriage and why are they asking about her?

It is already known that she is engaged to a person on th advise of her kids Akira and Aadya. Many photos came guessing that the man was Renu's best half. In fact, it is Renu Desai's cousin. Now, rumours are heard that she has married that person recently. Her new photos have shown a black beaded chain which is worn only by married women in India. Facts are yet to be known. 

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