Where do you earn the highest salary?

S Venkateshwari
Where do you earn the highest salary?

Many believe that workers in large cities or metro areas are paid more. However, the study data indicates that Bengaluru, delhi, Mumbai, and Solapur, Maharashtra, have fallen behind in terms of average wage. The indian city with the highest average yearly pay is now Solapur. The survey's data is derived from thousands of respondents across 138 nations. In terms of india, this survey comprised 11570 employees. women in india are paid less than men, according to the same report. The average yearly wage in Solapur is more than Rs 28 lakh 10,000, per the salary survey data.

Mumbai is the name that comes in second. Here, the average wage is Rs 21.17 lakh per year. Bengaluru's name is ranked third. Here, the average wage is Rs 21.01 lakh per year. New delhi comes in fourth place with an average income of Rs 20.43 lakh per year after this.

Which industry pays the most?

The managerial and commercial sectors in india pay the highest incomes. In this industry, the average yearly income is more than Rs 29.50 lakh. The legal profession comes in second after this. An estimated Rs 27 lakh is the average yearly pay in this area.

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