Does a Fan at Low Speed save electricity?

Does a Fan at Low Speed save electricity?

Summer is here. Now the weather has become a bit hot, so people have started running the fan with the help of a regulator. Whereas many people run the fan on fast number 5, while many people run on number 1. people believe that running the fan at number 1 reduces the power consumption and when the fan runs at number 5, the power consumption is more, but after all, how much truth is behind it and how much confusion, let us tell you.

One truth of this is that the power spent on the fan is related to its speed, but the regulator also plays an important role in this. Regulators are sometimes limited to speed only, they have nothing to do with power. On the other hand, there are some regulators that come with power-saving features and are considered very good.

There is a big difference between an old and a new regulator

Many regulators are used to reducing the voltage given to the fan and reduce the power consumption by reducing its speed. Now the electronic fan's regulator saves a lot of electricity. There is a lot of difference between its 1st number and 5th number. It is a profitable deal to install a new one.

Where the old regulators used to reduce the speed by taking more power and sending less to the fan, whereas now the new regulators take less power for less power and transmit the same power to the fan, which reduces power consumption. In such a situation, if you are thinking of installing a regulator at your home, then use a regulator with a new design instead of the old one.

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