The discovery of the sixth ocean that no one has seen..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
The discovery of the sixth ocean that no one has seen..!?
There are still many things in the world that humans do not know. So far, one of these is the Sixth Ocean. It has now been discovered by scientists. While many things have been said about the world's sixth ocean, its location has been discovered. Scientists have now confirmed this. However, you will be surprised to know that no man has ever been able to reach the location of the Sixth Ocean. The reason is also very interesting.
Actually, this ocean is not above the earth but under the earth. It is located 700 kilometers below the Earth's surdata-face under a rock called Ringwoodite.
This sea is hidden beneath the earth's surdata-face in blue rock. Experts say that 500 earthquakes can be detected after analyzing 2,000 seismographs. Some scientific discoveries and achievements have captivated the world. From a massive black hole to a South Korean fusion reactor reaching the highest-ever temperature, these staggering discoveries have blown our tiny little minds.
And now, another scientific news has been gaining traction on social media - about a massive ocean hidden under the Earth's crust. The water is stored 700 kilometers below the surdata-face of the Earth in a rock known as ringwoodite. This subterranean reservoir is three times the volume of all the planet's surdata-face oceans combined.

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