Employment opportunities will only rise with rapid GDP growth...

S Venkateshwari
Employment opportunities will only rise with rapid GDP growth...

Arvind Subramanian, a former chief economic advisor, recently stated that india stands to gain a great deal from the china + 1 program. Large international corporations will invest in the nation as a result. If investment flows in, the nation's exports will rise and new jobs will be generated. 

Many experts think there could be serious repercussions if sufficient job opportunities are not provided for the nation's youthful population, often known as the demographic dividend. Only in the event that the GDP grows by 8 to 9 percent will there be new job prospects in the nation. Real earnings, consumption, or demand will not rise in the absence of this. This could impact private investment as well.

Making the workforce employable is essential.

Former RBI governor raghuram Rajan has stated that the education system and worker skill development will need to be the center of attention for whichever new government is elected at the Center following the lok sabha elections. According to raghuram Rajan, although the labor force in our nation is growing quickly, everyone will benefit from this dividend and have plenty of opportunity to find better jobs. According to him, india must first make its labor force employable before creating enough jobs to accommodate the current workforce.

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