Finland ranks as the world's happiest country!!!

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Finland ranks as the world's happiest country!!!

Finland and other Scandinavian nations continue to be the happiest countries on Earth, according to the annual World Happiness Report. germany and the US were replaced in the top 20 by kuwait and Costa Rica. According to the annual World Happiness Report, which was released on Wednesday, finland has continued to be the happiest nation in the world for the seventh consecutive year, with its Nordic neighbors, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland, all holding steady positions in the top 10. However, growing dissatisfaction, particularly among youth, has caused other Western nations to fall in the UN-sponsored index; the US and germany have left the top 20 for the first time since the report's initial release more than ten years ago.

Serbia, Bulgaria, and latvia in Eastern europe recorded the largest increases in happiness, while costa rica and kuwait came in at positions 12 and 13, respectively. Afghanistan, which has been experiencing a humanitarian crisis ever since the Taliban retook power in 2020, continued to rank bottom. people in 143 nations and territories are asked to rate their quality of life on a scale of zero to ten, accounting for variables including GDP per person, social support, longevity, freedom, altruism, and corruption. march 20 is international Day of Happiness, and that's when it gets out.

Why is happiness so high in Finland?

However, this is not the case in finland, where world-class happiness ratings are attributed, in part, to a strong work-life balance and a strong connection to nature, according to Jennifer De Paola, a happiness researcher at the university of Helsinki.

She stated, "Finnish society is permeated by a sense of trust, freedom, and high level of autonomy," adding that other important aspects included the country's robust welfare state, people's faith in government, low levels of corruption, and free public healthcare and education. Furthermore, she thinks that Finns have a "more attainable understanding of what a successful life is," in contrast to the united states and other countries where success is frequently associated with monetary gain.

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