World Birth Defects Day : Tips to prevent birth defects...

S Venkateshwari
World Birth Defects Day : Tips to prevent birth defects...

Every year on march 3, the world observes World Birth abnormalities Day to increase awareness of the various forms and causes of birth abnormalities, their effects on people and families, and preventative measures. In order to address the issues related to birth abnormalities, the day offers a forum for cooperation between medical professionals, researchers, governments, and communities. Although birth abnormalities can occur at any point during pregnancy and affect any area of the body, it is thought that the first three months are particularly important. They may or may not shorten a person's life expectancy and have an impact on how the body functions or looks.

Birth defects are discovered from the time of pregnancy until after delivery, usually in the first year. While many birth abnormalities have unknown causes, some may be brought on by drugs, alcohol, smoking, specific medical problems, or infections contracted while pregnant.

Over 1.7 million children are born with birth defects in india each year, compared to the 3-6% of newborns globally who are born with a significant birth abnormality. Physical deformities like cleft lip or palate, chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome, and birth problems like congenital heart disease or congenital deafness are examples of birth defects.

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