A dozen mangoes cost Rs.5000..!? SHOCKING..!

Sowmiya Sriram
A dozen mangoes cost Rs.5000..!? SHOCKING..!
When summer begins in our country, the mango season also begins. A particular mango variety is popular in every state. Malgoa, Alphonsa, and all the mango varieties are famous for their taste. That's how Mancurad mangoes are popular in Goa. Now the demand for that mango has increased. Although the mango season has not started yet, mangoes have started to be sold in the markets of Goa. There, mango lovers are happy as Mancurad mangoes are now available for sale. But it is the price that has shocked them. A dozen mangoes are sold for Rs.5000.
Why is it so expensive?: Since it is not winter, very few Mancurad mangoes are available for sale. At the same time, due to the high demand among customers, a dozen mangoes are sold at Rs.5000 to Rs.7000, traders say. They are hopeful that the supply of mangoes will increase by the end of february and the prices will gradually come down. Mangoes are available for sale a month before the season starts. Although the price is high now, the price will stabilize in April, said Panaji city mango traders.
Currently, mangoes have started coming only from Bisolim taluk of goa, and the traders are hopeful that once the fruit starts coming from other areas, the price will come down. Mancurad variety of mangoes are known for their unique taste. And are high in fat. So people going abroad from goa buy this fruit by the box. Last year, the Mancurad variety of mango got a geographical indication. history suggests that the cultivation of this type of mango was started during the Portuguese rule in Goa.

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