How do rave parties look these days?

S Venkateshwari
How do rave parties look these days?

Rave events are now planned in secrecy. which organizes the use of drugs, booze, dance, music, and occasionally even s*x. Such parties are only open to a small group of individuals connected to the party circuit. These parties are closed to new attendees in order to prevent the spread of information. On the other hand, drug dealers and users can feel safe at rave events. people don't only dance, sing, and eat at these rave parties like they would at other events. Instead, these events are attended by heavy drinkers. These addictions include everything from drugs to opium, hashish, and snakebites. These gatherings create an environment that makes people stay intoxicated for extended periods of time.

Elvish Yadav was recently charged with supplying snake venom during a rave party in Noida. This group produced nine deadly snakes, five cobras, a python, two double-headed snakes, and a rat snake. As. In addition, there have been claims that foreign girls have attended these gatherings. When aryan Khan was taken into custody from the cruise party in 2021, the NCB had found 22 Ecstasy tablets, 5 grams of mephedrone, and 13 grams of cocaine. Ecstasy, ketamine, MDMA, MD, and charas are also reportedly consumed during these events, according to NCB.

In addition, loud electric trance music is played during these events to keep drug users in a prolonged state of euphoria. These celebrations last anywhere from a day to three days. In addition to all of this, smoke-producing devices, visual effects, and laser-colored pictures are added to these gatherings to further enhance their beauty.

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