Best Indoor Plants for Pollution !!!


Amidst increasing pollution, plant these indoor plants in the house, which will provide more oxygen and keep the air clean.

To avoid the harmful effects of increasing pollution, it is very beneficial to plant oxygen-giving plants in the house. Let us know the names of these plants.

Best Indoor Plants for Pollution

Nowadays the problem of pollution is increasing rapidly. air pollution in cities has reached dangerous levels. people are also having trouble breathing. The smoke from vehicles and factories makes the air of cities poisonous in winter. This air present in the atmosphere is very harmful to our bodies. In such a situation, some such plants can be planted inside the house to clean the air and also provide oxygen.Some plants planted at home like snake plants, Erica palm, spider plants, etc. help in fighting air pollution. These plants absorb harmful gases and dust particles from the air and release oxygen. By keeping these plants at home, we can take care of our and our family's health.

Spider plant

A spider plant is a plant that helps in cleaning the air. There are special types of fibers in its leaves, which easily attract toxic particles and dirt present in the air. Spider plant helps absorb formaldehyde, benzene, and poisonous gases. That is why it is considered the best plant to clean the air. You can install it anywhere in your home or office.

Lady's palm

The leaves of Lady Palm have some special properties, which attract pollution particles from the air and absorb them. Lady palm leaves also absorb poisonous gases, bacteria, viruses, and fungi present in the air. In this way, this plant helps in making the air clean and pure. Planting Lady Palm plants in the house will improve the air quality.

Erica Palm

Erica palm i.e. bamboo plants help a lot in cleaning the air. Bamboo leaves contain chemicals called chlorophyll and antioxidants, which trap harmful particles and gases from the air. Therefore, by planting bamboo plants we can easily keep the air in our house clean and pure.

Snake plant

The leaves of the snake plant have an anti-bacterial coating which destroys the contaminated bacteria in the air. It releases oxygen even at night due to which the air remains fresh throughout the night. Its care is easy and it grows well even in low light. Therefore, to keep the air pure in the house, you can plant a snake plant.

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