Heart Attack Risk: Lack of this mineral raises blood pressure...

Heart Attack Risk: Lack of this mineral raises blood pressure...

High cholesterol causes blockage in the veins and this increases the risk of heart attack, but do you know that even if there is no blockage in your veins or accumulation of dirty fat, you may be at risk of heart attack? This happens due to the deficiency of a particular mineral.

One of the reasons behind heart attack is high blood pressure and many times due to high blood pressure the arteries get constricted and the blood pressure becomes so high that the heart cannot tolerate it. Let us tell you today that due to the deficiency of which mineral, the risk of heart attack is high.

Arteries relax the heart

Veins and arteries do different things. Arteries are those which are around the heart and are surrounded by muscles. They work to bring blood to the heart, while veins take blood back from the heart. In the way the heart pumps, the arteries also pump and by doing so they relax the heart. But when the arteries narrow, the pressure on the heart increases.

This mineral shrinks the arteries

In fact, magnesium is the only mineral whose deficiency also increases the risk of heart attack. When magnesium is right in the body, the arteries contract and expand comfortably. Due to this, the blood reaches the heart easily, but when there is a deficiency of magnesium in the body, then the arteries shrink many times, but they are not able to relax. In such a situation, the pressure of the blood in the veins increases and it starts going to the heart at a fast speed, but cannot be pumped back out easily. In such a situation the blood pressure is high and a heart attack occurs within a few minutes.

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