What is the key to a child's ability to solve problems?

S Venkateshwari
What is the key to a child's ability to solve problems?

According to professor Manisha, school-age children have very good mental ability and power at this point in their development. The child becomes interested in the task and applies his or her cognitive abilities when you force them to debate or complete a questionnaire. But he won't put in this effort if it's all given to him. All he will recall is which page in the book contains the solution to whatever question. There won't be any exam cheating here. Instead, it will merely promote copying.

"When an issue remains unanswered, a child uses his imagination to find a solution. He becomes more creative as a result. However, the open book idea will not improve a child's ability to solve problems or foster creativity."

Professor Manisha stated, "The CBSE Board will find out for itself when it administers the open-book exam trial in November." The government won't likely introduce such a notion, in my opinion. Because if the educational system is not operated within bounds, that is, if research is not carried out in accordance with school policies, the child will not develop into the person he should become. CBSE ought to explain in advance how these issues will be resolved.

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