Why kids getting more at risk from smartphone addiction?

S Venkateshwari
Why kids getting more at risk from smartphone addiction?

How much simpler life is when everything is contained in a single, tiny box that you can open anytime you want to access the information inside. You're correct to assume that we are solely discussing mobile phones. It barely needs to be said how ubiquitous mobile phone use has grown in the modern day.

How often do we hear in our homes that someone's two-year-old child can open his phone and play games because he is so smart? Or their kid won't eat anything without checking their phone. parents take pride in their child's proficiency with a phone. However, it is crucial that these same parents understand that using a phone constantly can lead to physical illness in addition to cognitively weakening their children.

The startling statistics on young children's phone use have surdata-faced. This statistic shows that every 1.5-year-old child gets lost in their smartphone for five hours. In addition, the most recent report from Sapien Labs has been released. which made use of 27,969 Gen Z individuals, or those between the ages of 18 and 24.

This project aims to investigate the association between children who have used smartphones since childhood and their current mental health. As per the survey, individuals who began using mobile devices excessively at a young age have been shown to have greater issues concerning mental development and mental health. According to the same survey, there was a 6% increased risk of mental illnesses among those who used a smartphone at the age of 18 compared to guys who obtained one for the first time at age 6. In the case of women, this risk was about twenty percent higher.

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