Stop Comparing Your Child with Others...

Stop Comparing Your Child with Others...

Most parents want their kids to be the best and accomplish in all of their endeavours because they often see their future in them. parents put too much pressure on their children and compare them to others, which has a negative psychological effect on them. 

Comparing the kid to their siblings and neighbours will make them perform poorly in school. parents often use the scale of "starts" from grades to gauge their children's progress in athletics (e.g., "Why can't you write faster?" "Why don't you read better?").

Stop comparing:

Comparing your child to others will undermine their motivation and increase their stress and anxiety. Don't be vulnerable around the child; instead, sit with them when you define failure and ask about the challenges they are facing. Don't make them feel anxious; instead, speak to them confidently rather than by comparing them to others. Tell them to "accept what you deserve" so they can deal with the consequences. 

Make sure that you don't let them project a negative view of parenting because parents should always be your child's role models. 

Since every child is unique and has their own set of strengths, I conclude by urging all parents to support their children and to compliment them in whatever they do.

Finally, because every child is unique and has their own skills, I contend that all parents should encourage their children in all that they do and work with them to develop their innate strengths. Their future will be improved with a good foundation if one is laid.

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