How a child with autism differs from other kids?

S Venkateshwari
How a child with autism differs from other kids?

Autism is a disease related to the development of the brain, in which the development of the brain does not happen with age, during this disease a person is unable to read, write, or do any work. He has trouble with many things, his behaviour is different from others. He likes to be by himself. This disease occurs in children of 2 to 3 years, many times its symptoms are detected after the child grows up. Let us know what are the symptoms of this disease, what is the treatment.

Autism Symptoms in Children 

Avoiding social interactions with other children

to be alone, to be silent

not participate in sports

sitting alone or silently in one place for hours, focusing on the same object or doing the same thing over and over

no contact with others

inability to speak directly

repeating every word the other person says during a conversation

to act crazy

to be fully engaged with any one task or stuff

responding strangely to certain sounds, tastes, and smells


The sooner the treatment of this disease starts, the better, and it increases the efficiency of the children. Many people start therapy, but more than that, the responsibility of the parents becomes more.

Watch children's behaviour, understand their every activity and handle them patiently with lots of love.

Be positive and lead them also towards positive things.

See their schedule from eating to sleeping, how and when.

Never ignore them, and take special care of their food and drink.

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