A 6-year-old girl who set a world record in Rubik's Cube game!!

A 6-year-old girl who set a world record in Rubik's Cube game!!

Kothai Vahruni, a 6-year-old girl from chennai, broke the Guinness World Record set by an 18-year-old boy by placing a triangular Rubik's cube in a matter of seconds. Kothai Vahruni, daughter of Kaushalya-Prabhu couple from chennai is studying in Grade I. 

From an early age, Kothai was very interested in listening to stories, solving puzzles, and math. She easily completed the 9 * 9 Sudoku game that adults can find answers to at the age of 5. Discovering this ability, her parents introduced Sudoku-like Rubik's Cube puzzle games. Kothai started playing with enthusiasm and has started to shine as an expert in it. Kothai's record journey, which began with the goal of achieving success in the sport, continues today to the Guinness World Record. Kothai surprises everyone by arranging the Rubik's cube in many angles and colors with her magic fingers. Guinness World Record holder for setting the triangular Rubik's cube, known as the tetrahedron, in 6.88 seconds, especially around the hula hoop. The 18-year-old broke the previous record of 13.86 seconds.

Kothai has traveled to the Guinness Book of Records after learning the Rubik's Cube puzzle game introduced by her mom and dad on YouTube with her passion. Hula Hooping also set the world record for the most difficult Rubik's Cube puzzle, known as Mastermorphix, in 1 minute and 59 seconds, and set two more world records in 3.3 minutes, completing the 8 - page cube called Megaminx. The tamil Nadu Cube Association has honored her with a medal and a certificate in recognition of her talent.

This achievement has taught the parents a lesson that if we divert the interest of children who are immersed in electronic devices such as cell phones and TVs and teach them to use those devices effectively, we too can create achievers like Kothai. 

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