Why do we commemorate World Rainforest Day?

S Venkateshwari
Why do we commemorate World Rainforest Day?

The planet Earth survives because of the rainforests. They give us freshwater, are home to half of the world's animal species, and are crucial to maintaining a stable climate. However, 1.5 hectares are lost every second, and 78 million hectares of priceless rainforest are destroyed annually. In order to stop deforestation, lessen the consequences of climate change, and save our rainforests for future generations, World Rainforest Day was established.

The Rainforest Partnership established World Rainforest Day for the first time in 2017. This US non-profit initiates programs to help repair and regenerate healthy rainforests with local communities and works with Indigenous people who live in rainforest habitats. This is comparable to the work that Play it Green undertakes through the Eden Reforestation Project, which hires locals in madagascar to plant and maintain trees.

The goal of World Rainforest Day is to raise awareness of standing, healthy forests as one of our most potent and affordable instruments for mitigating the effects of climate change and to spark a global effort to save and restore them. Together, on this day, we can all take constructive and optimistic action to save the rainforest and prolong its life, just as it has sustained our own for many years. The Time is Now, this year's theme, will focus on the current solutions that may be used to preserve and revitalize our rainforests.

The Rainforest Partnership also establishes connections between organizations that prioritize forests and new partners, non-environmental sectors and the forest, and prospective guardians of the rainforest and impact channels. They collaborate and innovate for more comprehensive forest protection through their network of rainforest organizations, indigenous groups, policy representatives, youth leaders, the commercial sector, creative guilds, and more.

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