Another billionaire announced to find wreckage of Titanic...

S Venkateshwari
Another billionaire announced to find wreckage of Titanic...

The desire to witness the titanic debris has driven people to travel to a depth of 3800 meters in the ocean. About eleven months ago, similar news broke. Five individuals perished in the submersible that was sent to view the titanic wreckage when it detonated in the ocean. This is what another American billionaire is going to do. Alongside co-founder Patrick Lahey of Triton Submarine will be America's real estate mogul Larry Connor. Connor has created a vessel called Triton 4000/2 Explorer for this purpose; it is estimated to cost approximately Rs 166 crore. It gets its name from the fact that it can descend to a depth of four thousand meters in the sea. There is no set date for when the journey will start.
During an interview with Wall Street Journal, an American publication, Larry expressed his desire to showcase the beauty and might of the sea to a global audience. A travel has the power to alter your outlook on life if you take the appropriate actions. The submarine's departure date, nevertheless, has not yet been made public. Simultaneously, Patrick Lahey declares his desire to dive to 3,800 meters in order to view the shipwreck in the North Atlantic Ocean. According to a representative for Connor's business, the planned voyage will happen once it has received complete certification from the Maritime Organization. The departure date will be determined only after this.
Last year, a submarine blew up.
The submarine exploded in june 2023 of last year while traveling to the titanic wreck. CEO of Oceangate firm Stockton Rush, age 61, passed away along with four others. Among them were businessman Hamish Harding, a French diver, wealthy prince Dawood of Pakistan, a british national, and his son Suleman. It has now been stated that it will return from America.

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