Terrible tale and a demand for Uttarakhand- Oct 2, 1994...

S Venkateshwari
Terrible tale and a demand for Uttarakhand- Oct 2, 1994...

For uttarakhand, november 9 is a very special day. On this day in history, the state was founded. But as the Rampur Tiraha event makes clear, the process of creating uttarakhand as a distinct state from Uttar Pradesh included the lives of numerous people as well as the dignity of women.

Relatives of those who have lost a family member will cringe at the mere mention of this occurrence. These women would also wonder if the cops were indeed there to protect us at the same moment.

In the Rampur Tiraha tragedy, seven persons lost their lives as a result of police firing, while several ladies lost their honor. Tell us about the history of Uttarakhand's statehood and the Rampur Tiraha event on this National uttarakhand Day.

On october 1, 1994, winter had arrived and the movement's fervor had grown. The group of protestors advanced while yelling signs calling for an independent Uttarakhand. From the hilly regions, a few agitators boarded 24 buses and headed for delhi who were halted at the data-borders of Narsan and Roorkee, respectively. But the protesters continued and continued forward. The administration and police were trying in vain to stop them. It was then decided to halt them once more at the Rampur crossroads.

The demonstrators could not have imagined, nor had they any idea, what was going to unfold at Rampur Tiraha. In actuality, the demonstrators and the cops got into a fight as soon as they got to the crossing. This dispute quickly descended into yelling slogans and stone-throwing. It was reported that the demonstrators were hurling stones. whereby GM Ananth Kumar sustained injuries as well.

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