Why Dinosaurs and 3/4ths of all other species became extinct?

S Venkateshwari
Why Dinosaurs and 3/4ths of all other species became extinct?

Concerning the extinction of dinosaurs from the planet, numerous ideas exist. The most widely accepted theory holds that the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago as a result of an asteroid striking Earth. However, recent study has provided fresh insight into the causes of the extinction of dinosaurs. According to a recent research cited by Fox News, the impact of the massive dust cloud that formed after the asteroid struck Earth caused dinosaurs to become extinct rather than the asteroid crash itself. According to study, dust clouds filled the sky as soon as the asteroid struck Earth. For fifteen years, the Earth's atmosphere was shrouded in these clouds of dust.

The majority of earth's species vanished

According to scientific theory, the earth's atmosphere prevented sunlight from penetrating the planet, impeding photosynthesis and causing trees and plants to wither. As a result of inadequate food and nourishment, three species, including dinosaurs, perished on the planet. Of the species, 25% went extinct. According to researchers, sulfur aerosols dispersed throughout the earth's atmosphere as a result of forest fires.

Researchers examined the sediment layers at North Dakota's Tannis Paleontology Site. This location itself has evidence of asteroid collisions. According to scientists, the collision of the asteroid caused major problems for the food chain and caused a considerable reduction in Earth's temperature because the atmosphere was covered for a long period of time. According to scientists, the temperature of the globe had dropped to 24 degrees at that point.

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