What is the reason for Nepal's frequent earthquakes?

S Venkateshwari
What is the reason for Nepal's frequent earthquakes?

In nepal, there have been over 100 minor earthquakes in the past two years, excluding large ones. 70 small and large earthquakes have been felt throughout the nation so far this year, according to the nepal Earthquake Measurement Center. More than four was the average earthquake intensity. nepal is in the foothills of the himalayas and is surrounded by two large tectonic plates. Two of these are known as the Eurasian Tectonic Plate and Indo-Australian Plate, respectively. In nepal, earthquakes happen when these two plates clash.

According to scientific theories, the himalayas are rising because the Eurasian Plate is pressing against the Indo-Australian Plate in the Himalayan region. A research claims that the Eurasian plate is gradually subducting five centimeters of the Indo-Australian plate annually. The himalayas are rising five millimeters annually as a result.

The only cause of earthquake-related deaths is the collision of tectonic plates, right?

The main concern is why nepal experiences earthquakes so frequently and who has responsibility for the fatalities that result from them. The Nepali government dismisses earthquakes as natural disasters and begins relief efforts following an earthquake by enlisting assistance from neighboring nations.

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