When and how did rave party culture emerge in India?

S Venkateshwari
When and how did rave party culture emerge in India?

Following the filing of a formal complaint against bigg boss winner Elvish Yadav, the rave party has gained attention. Aryan, the son of Shahrukh Khan, was also apprehended at a rave party in 2021. Still, he was ultimately declared innocent. In this way, their conversations occasionally become more intense as a result of well-known people attending these gatherings. They are become more widespread over time. This is engulfing both large cities and tiny towns. If we examine these parties' past, the NCB study states that the tendency of these parties began in Great britain during the 1980s. This eventually grew to such an extent that the majority of the dance clubs were overtaken by London's rave events.

Following this, the dance clubs were replaced by open spaces outside the city to host these rave parties. This began to involve thousands of people. From then on, major U.S. cities like Los Angeles and san francisco began to witness the rave party phenomenon. While music and dance were the only activities allowed at rave parties up until this point, a growing number of American rave promoters—many of them were former criminals—began attending these events. who began to interpret these events through the lens of earnings.

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