History of Quit India Movement Day...

S Venkateshwari
History of Quit india Movement Day...

With the intention of ending british colonial control in india, mahatma gandhi and the indian national congress began the Quit india Movement, sometimes referred to as the august Movement, in august 1942. 

The Quit india movement's 81st anniversary will occur in 2023. In this article, we explore the background history, the importance of the Quit india Movement, and some fascinating but little-known facts about this crucial chapter. It's Quit india Movement Day on august 8 every year. On Tuesday, august 8, 2023, Quit india Movement Day will be marked. It is customary to honour the hardships made by the indian people in their struggle for independence on the Quit india Movement Day.

History - The "Quit india Movement," sometimes referred to as the "Bharat Chodo Andolan," "August Movement," or "August Kranti," began on august 8, 1942, during the height of World war II. The indian national congress (INC) started the agitation at bombay (now called Mumbai), at Gowalia Tank Maidan, popularly known as august Kranti Maidan. india began a campaign of civil disobedience against british colonial rule under mahatma Gandhi's leadership. The movement's motto was "Do or Die," and it demanded "an orderly british withdrawal" from India. gandhi received enormous national support for his appeal for the british to "Quit India" and hand over control of the nation to Indians. 

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