Dangerous foods to avoid for a healthy life..?!

Sowmiya Sriram
Dangerous foods to avoid for a healthy life..?!
Even those who have the habit of choosing and eating healthy food, are unknowingly eating unhealthy foods and spoiling their health. Be careful about what you eat, what you buy, and where you buy food. This is an important warning article on food poisoning. Sometimes we think we are eating healthy food. But the food we eat is not one hundred percent healthy. Pesticide effects on vegetables are not completely eliminated. If we do not wash them properly, it can be harmful to our health. As the pollution rate has become very high in all parts of the world, we have to be extra careful about the food we buy and eat
Seafood is very healthy but be aware that it may contain mercury. Because mercury is a dangerous toxin, it can damage the brain and nerves if ingested in large amounts.
These toxins are also found in plastic bottles and metal cans. They are not healthy and can disrupt our hormonal health.Chickens are given antibiotics and other supplements to grow bigger and healthier. Take broiler chicken as an example. The toxins in the chicken can cause stomach infections and allergies. So, be careful while buying the products.
corn syrup is toxic to health. High-sugar corn syrup can increase obesity, fatty liver disease, and type 2 diabetes. This syrup is found in many packaged foods, so be careful what you buy. Trans fat is found in highly processed and ultra-processed foods. Trans fats can cause high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Too much sodium can be harmful to the body. Low sodium is a problem, high sodium is a problem. So sodium intake should be maintained in moderation. Chemicals are added so that the vegetables do not wilt after a long day and remain as they were picked that day. So, be careful where you buy your vegetables. 

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