What is the size of the Indian pharma market?

S Venkateshwari
What is the data-size of the indian pharma market?

2016: As per the UN office of Drug and Control report, over 300 tons of ganja, or roughly 6% of the global ganja supply, were found in india alone in 2016.

2017: The amount of ganja supplied globally reached 353 tons in 2017. In addition, the government data states that this year, over 3.2 tons of hashish were found in India. According to officials from several authorities, the illegal drug trade in india was valued at around Rs 10 lakh crore in 2017.

Year 2019: india accounted for 2% of global heroin recovery and 7% of global opium recovery, according to the United Nations office on drugs and Crime.

Year 2020: india seized the fourth-largest amount of opium in the world in 2020, according to a World Drug Report report. india also found itself in possession of the third-largest amount of morphine.

What legal measures are in place in india to stop drug abuse?

Drug users are subject to legal prosecution in india under various articles of the NDPC Act 1985. This Act stipulates that anyone found to be in possession of, selling, using, or aiding in the distribution of drugs in india data-faces harsh penalties. The penalties in this section are determined by the nature of the offense. In such instances, the government may set up special tribunals for a prompt trial under the NDPC Act of 1985. Aside from this, only the Special court hears cases with sentences of more than three years in jail, and the accused in these cases appear before the magistrate.

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