Huge decline in the prices of Gold!!!

S Venkateshwari
Huge decline in the prices of Gold!!!

Due to the strengthening of the dollar against the rupee in the international market, there is a huge decline in the prices of gold and silver in the domestic futures market. Where gold is trading below Rs 51 thousand per ten grams. At the same time, the price of silver has come down to Rs 61 thousand per kg. Whereas both gold and silver have seen a decline in the spot market of Delhi. gold and silver have fallen by up to 2 percent in foreign markets. Let us also tell you how much gold and silver are available in the markets.

Gold and silver in foreign markets

In the Comex market of New York, the price of gold is falling by one and a half percent. Due to this gold is trading at $ 1,845.90 per ounce with a fall of about $ 30 per ounce. While there is a fall of 2 percent in the price of silver. Due to this the price of silver is falling by $ 0.45 per ounce and is trading at $ 21.49 per ounce.

Gold breaks in the indian futures market

There is a fall in the price of gold in the indian futures market multi-commodity. gold is trading at Rs 50,096 with a fall of Rs 720 per ten grams at 6.40 pm. Whereas during the trading session it also reached Rs 50,970. By the way, this morning gold was opened with Rs 51,530 per ten grams. On Friday, the price of gold closed at Rs 51,701.

In line with the global trend, gold fell by Rs 321 to Rs 51,270 per 10 grams on monday in the delhi bullion market. In the last trading session, gold had closed at Rs 51,591 per 10 grams. silver also declined by Rs 874 to Rs 60,745 per kg. silver had closed at Rs 61,619 per kg in the last trading session. 

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